Omni/Lumina Z-Wave Lock Integration, Controller Firmware 3.10

Leviton Omni and Lumina family controllers support two-way integration with Z-Wave wireless locks. The HAI controller can lock and unlock the locks and monitor changes in the states of the locks. Locking/unlocking a lock can trigger automation programs in the HAI controller, and the state of the lock can be used as a condition in the automation programming.

The integration has been specifically verified with the Kwikset SmartCode deadbolt and entry set, Yale Evolution Deadbolt, Yale Real Living™ Push Button Deadbolt, Yale Real Living™ Touchscreen Deadbolt,and Schlage Z-Wave deadbolt locks. The Schlage entry set lock is not supported at this time.


The controller connects to the Z-Wave network by using a Leviton Model VRC0P RF+ 3 Serial Interface Module (SIM). Set the jumper on the controller serial port to the “232” position. Set the Serial Function for the serial port on the controller to Z-Wave (CRITICAL NOTE: Earlier VRC0P modules without the “RF+ 3” designation do not support Z-Wave locks). The VRC0P must be updated with version 0.30 or later firmware, which is available from:
Set up the Z-Wave network using the Leviton VRUSB-1US USB interface and the Leviton Vizia RF+ Installer Tool version or later. Earlier versions of the Installer Tool do not support secure enrollment of Z-Wave locks and/or proper setup of associations between locks and the SIM (follow the manufacturer instructions for including the lock).

After adding all devices in the Z-Wave network, including the SIM, use the Installer Tool to create an association from each lock to the serial interface. This is necessary to insure that changes to the lock state are transmitted to the HAI controller.  Then "Update" the VRC0P controller.

Next, connect to the Omni or Lumina controller using the PC Access software.

Z-Wave locks appear under the Access Control section of PC Access. To set up locks, click on the button in the “Device Type/Address” column for the desired access control device. Set the “Access Control Device Type” to “Z-Wave Lock” and enter the Z-Wave node ID of the lock. Finally write the configuration to the controller 


Z-Wave locks are controllable through the “Access Control” section of Leviton IP-based user interfaces. Locks are not directly controllable through Omni or Lumina consoles or Leviton OmniTouch 3.9/5.7 console bus-connected touchscreens.

Automation programming for locks may be entered through the “Access Control” sections of the PC Access software. Changes in the state of a lock can be used to trigger automation programming, and the state of a lock may be used as a condition in automation programming. Commands to lock/unlock the lock may also be entered.


Z-Wave locks are supported by Leviton Omni LTe, Omni IIe, OmniPro II, Lumina and Lumina Pro systems. The systems must be utilizing controller firmware 3.10 or later.