1. Are end-of-line resistors required?
Question: Are end-of-line resistors required?


On the Omni/Omni Pro systems, you must use a 1K ohm end-of-line resistor for each zone input. With the Omni LT, Omni LTe Omni II, Omni IIe, and Omni Pro II, Lumina, and Lumina Pro, resistors are optional, with three exceptions:

  1. All fire devices (smoke, heat, and gas detectors) must be wired normally open, with a 1K resistor installed.
  2. All zones used on the 17A00 Expansion Enclosure (used on Omni Pro II controllers) require resistors.
  3. If any normally open devices are used on the controller and/or hardwire expander, then resistors must be set to yes and used on all zones
1.1. Are Gas Detectors connected to Switched or Aux power?
Question: should gas detectors be connected to Switched or Aux power? Answer: It depends on the detector. If a power cycle is required to reset the gas detector, then power should come from Switched 12VDC . If the gas detector resets on its own when the presence of gas is no longer detected, then power should come from Aux 12VDC .