1. Adding Cameras to PC Access to View on OmniTouch Touchscreens and Mobile Apps
To add cameras to Extended Setup in PC Access so that they can be automatically uploaded and viewed on OmniTouch touchscreens and mobile apps:

  1. Using Leviton PC Access Software, under Extended Setup, click on IP Cameras.


  2. Add an IP camera by clicking on the green plus icon on the toolbar.

  3. Select the added IP camera and enter the following information:

    1. In the edit box under IP Camera Name, enter the name of the IP Camera as it will be displayed on the touchscreen or mobile app. 
    2. In the Type drop-down list, select the camera being configured. Selections include: Axis, Panasonic, MJPEG camera, JPEG camera, 87A00-1 Camera Server, and 68A11-1 IP Camera.
    3. In the edit box under Address/URL, enter the IP Address of the IP camera. If a specific port is specified, after the IP address enter a colon (:) followed by the port number.
      For example:
    4. If the device supports multiple cameras, in the edit box under Number, enter camera number that will be displayed. If it is a single camera, leave the Number set to 1.
    5. The FPS setting is used to specify the number of frames per second that will be displayed.
    6. The Quality setting sets the quality of the image that will be displayed.
    7. The Resolution setting sets the resolution of the image that will be displayed.
    8. In the edit box under User Name, enter the username configured to access the camera.
    9. In the edit box under Password, enter the password configured to access the camera.

1.1. OmniTouch and Mobile App Camera Compatibility
Question: What camera types are compatible for use with the OmniTouch touchscreens and mobile apps?

In general, most IP cameras or video servers that output MJPEG or still image JPEG format over HTTP should work. 
To use MJPEG or JPEG cameras, the use of PC Access (p/n 1105W or 1106W) or Automation Studio (p/n - 1126) is required. OmniTouch touchscreens and mobile apps have built-in support for Axis and Panasonic products that output MJPEG and JPEG formats.
As for other IP cameras, most have a built-in web server which uses an ActiveX control or Java applet that is automatically downloaded when you access the web server by entering the IP address of the camera in your browser.  Generally, the web server is accessed when you simply enter the IP address of the camera.

OmniTouch touchscreens and mobile apps do not interact with the web server of the IP camera, but rather are able to interface directly with the raw MJPEG or JPEG video stream provided by most MJPEG and JPEG IP cameras.

Generally, to access the stream there is an http query string that is part of the URL which instructs the camera to stream the MJPEG or JPEG images.  To use a MJPEG or JPEG camera, you will need to find out what the query string is and use it as part of the camera setup in PC Access or Automation Studio.  You can typically find this information on the web site for the camera manufacturer or in an API or Protocol document provided by the manufacturer.  If the camera provides an MJPEG stream, the "Camera Type" must be configured as an MJPEG device. If the camera only provides still frame JPEG images, the "Camera Type" must be configured as a JPEG device.