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Connecting a Sequel Technologies Wireless Expansion Module (WSX) for Wireless Control


How to use the Sequel Technologies Wireless Expansion Module (WSX) to allow up to 24 unique wireless security transmitters to report information to up to 8 zones on a Leviton controller. Using unique duplex frequency diversity, the WSX receives narrow-band radio signals on two separate frequencies, providing enhanced reliability when compared to competitive systems. In addition, the WSX includes a protocol decoder, which allows it to receive signals from select GE and Honeywell wireless sensors, as well as the entire line of Sequel wireless sensors. Compatible wireless transmitters include door and window sensors, as well as smoke, motion, and glass break detectors. These transmitters report status information to the WSX which, in turn, processes the information and reports it to the Leviton controller (up to 8 zones).


Follow the instructions under Programming in the Sequel Technologies Wireless Expansion Module (WSX) Installation Instructions for complete programming instructions.

When being used with a Leviton controller, each output on the receiver must be configured to be used with Normally Open (N/O) zone types. The output configurations that may be used are Sensor Invert, Keyfob Momentary, Keyfob Toggle, or Keyfob Set.

To configure an output:

1)       Press MENU. The LCD displays “Transmitter Setup.”

2)       Press NEXT until the display shows “Output Channel Configuration.”

3)       Press ENTER. The display shows “Output Channel 1.”

4)       Press ENTER to select channel 1 or press NEXT to advance to another channel. Press ENTER to select the desired channel.

5)       The display shows “Output Ch# Type.”

6)       Press NEXT to scroll through the output configurations as defined in Table 1 of the installation instructions.

7)       Press ENTER to select the desired output configuration for the channel.

8)       The display advances to the next output channel. Repeat steps 4-6, or press NEXT to advance to additional output channels.

9)       When finished, press MENU twice to exit the programming menu.

There are eight zone outputs labeled CH1 through CH8 on the receiver. The outputs are connected to the zone inputs on the HAI controller (as shown in Figure 1). 

1.       The output is connected to the positive (+) side on the zone input on the HAI controller.

2.       A 1K ohm EOL resistor is then connected across the (+) and (-) terminal of the zone.

Each zone input on the Leviton controller can be configured as a burglary zone, a fire emergency zone, a tamper zone, an emergency zone, or an auxiliary input. Refer to the Installation Manual for a complete description of zone inputs.

When a transmitter is activated, the corresponding zone output is switched to an alarm state. The Omni console will display the violated zone; if the security system is armed, the burglar alarm will be activated. The output will remain in alarm for a minimum of two seconds or until the transmitter is restored to a non-alarm state.


Figure 1 -
Connecting a Sequel Technologies Wireless Expansion Module (WSX)
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