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Can Beeps be Enabled or Disabled on Consoles and Touchscreens
Question: Is there a way to disable the beep from a console or touch screen when a message is displayed?


By default, Leviton controllers are designed to beep all consoles 5 times when a message is displayed.  If this is not the desired effect, the customer has the following options:

  1. Disable Console Sounder - The "Sounder" option in each console setup can be set to "0" (disabled) for each console to provide the desired effect.
  2. Firmware 2.15 and Later - With the release of Firmware Version 2.15, an additional feature was added to the programming section.  When creating a line of programming to "Show" a message, additional bullets appear allowing the selections  of "With Beep", "No Beep", or "No Beep or LED".
  3. Programmable Audible Notification - If the desired effect is to have an audible notification under specific (not "all") conditions, the use of a chime module is suggested.  By disabling the sounders in all consoles and connecting a device like an X-10 chime module, custom programming can be creted to sound the chime under certain conditions only.
  4. Note - this does not apply to the Omnitouch 7 touchscreens
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