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Will my Omni system work with VoIP?
Will my Leviton automation controller work with VoIP (voice over internet protocol)?
VoIP is becoming a popular alternative to a standard POTS line, especially among cable subscribers.  If properly installed, the voice menu features accessible from an in-house phone will operate properly.
Unfortunately, VoIP has not been proven to be as reliable as a standard POTS line, with regards to Central Station reporting.  Leviton strongly recommends that consumers interested in using VoIP in conjunction with their Leviton systems, check with their local installers.  In addition, the consumer should also check with the Central Station operator they propose to use, to verify compatibility.  Since loss of internet access can/will affect VoIP, Leviton also recommends a backup in the form of a standard POTS line or cellular backup.

When the internet service provider installs the service, the VoIP module reproduces the characteristics of a normal phone line.  For this installation to work properly with Leviton systems, the VoIP interface must be installed before the RJ-31X jack.

Additionally, in some cases, it has been reported that when VoIP is used and a house phone is taken "offhook", there is a momnetary delay before the VoIP module produces dial tone.  In these cases, the Leviton controller may report PHONE LINE DEAD TOUBLE NOW.  If this occurs, the "Dead Line Detect" feature in the Omni system must be disabled (set to "0").

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