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How Do I Reset a Battery Low Trouble Now?
Question: How Do I Reset a Battery Low Trouble Now?


Leviton controllers perform a dynamic battery test at 1 hour intervals.  During this test the controller load is applied to the battery for a period of approximately 10 seconds.  The battery level is monitored internally and if the level drops below 200, then a Battery Low TRBL Now message is displayed on the console.  This message can not be cleared until the problem is resolved and a dynamic battery test is performed.  Once the trouble has been resolved and the test performed, the message on the display will change to Battery Low Had TRBL.  This message can be cleared by pressing the "*" key on the console.

You can perform an immediate test from a console by pressing 6, and then 4 (NOTE: A dynamic battery test can also be performed from a legacy 3.9" or 5.7" Touchscreen by pressing Status>>Test).  The reading displayed next to Battery will initially display the lowest value from the last test performed.  After approximately 10 seconds, you should see a change in the value, unless a problem still exists.

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