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Troubleshooting a Serial Connection from a PC to an Omni Controller using PCAccess 3

1.       Controllers: Omni Pro II, Omni IIe, Omni LTe and legacy controllers Omni II and Omni LT

2.       PCAccess 3 – latest version

3.       21A05-2 serial adaptor kit

4.       USB to serial adaptor if necessary – recommended is the Keyspan model USA19HS from Trip Lite

Verify in PCAccess:

1.       In Options >> Serial that the proper COM port is selected – check Device Manager if necessary

2.       In Setup >> Expansion >> Serial, that Serial Address = 0 and that the serial port to be used is set to 9600 and OmniLink


1.       On the controller that the jumper under the serial port to be used is on the 232 setting

2.       On the controller that neither of the LED’s under the serial port used is on steady. If so, verify that the correct adaptor and cable are being used

Verify in an Omni Console in Setup >> Installer >> Expansion:

1.       Serial address = 0

2.       Baud Rate = 9600

3.       Port Function = OmniLink

If a Correct User Code 1 message is displayed, see article 379

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