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Configuring the Separate Double-Tap feature of the 35A00-1 to Function as a Macro Executor

-Add the switches to Upstart

-in the Edit menu, open the “Transmit Components” tab

-Change the mode of the Top and Bottom Rockers to “Custom Rocker”

-Then change the Double-Tap setting to “Activate”

-Under the “Rocker Switch” tab, change the setting of “Upon a Double-Tap go to:” to “Last Level”

-Program the Device

-If a second switch is to be used in the same way it will need to have its Scene Name changed under the “Transmit Components” tab from the defaults of Scene242 and Scene 241.

-in PCAccess, the automation trigger will be UPB Link, UPB LINK 242 for the top rocker and UPB LINK 241 for the bottom rocker.

1.         WHEN UPB LINK 242 ON

                                    THEN PROGRAM ARM AWAY

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