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Configuring Leviton INDS1 Door Station for OmniTouch 7 Integration

Configuring the Leviton INDS1 Door Station for Intercom Applications


This application note provides details on configuring the Leviton INDS1 Door Station to be used in intercom applications with OmniTouch 7 touchscreens and a SIP server.


1.           -Leviton INDS1 Door Station

2.          -The Leviton OmniTouch 7 Touchscreen using Firmware Version 1.14 or higher with Kernel 1.2 or higher.

4.          -Compatible SIP Server (Epygi QX IP PBX or Zycoo U20/ZX20)


Open a browser and enter the IP address from the SIP Station to connect to the door station.


Enter in the User Name (default is admin) and Password (default is admin), and press Login.


The System Information page is displayed, which gives Device Information, Network, and SIP Phone Information.


To configure the network settings, select Network from the main menu, and then select Network from the context menu.


To select a static IP address (recommended), select Static from the Type drop down menu. Enter the desired static IP address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, Primary DNS and Secondary DNS for the local network.

When complete, click Save.

Configure SIP Settings to Make and Receive Calls:

1.       To configure the SIP settings of the Leviton Door Station, select Phone from the main menu, and then select SIP from the context menu.


2.       Set/Enter in the following:

a.       SIP Proxy / P2P Bridge:  enter the IP address of the SIP Server.

b.       SIP Service Domain: enter the IP address of the SIP Server.

c.       Display Name: enter the name of the door station as it will be displayed on the Touchscreen.

d.      Authentication Name & Phone Number: enter the SIP Registration Username previously assigned to the door station in the SIP Server IP Line Settings. CRITICAL NOTE: The Authentication Name is “only” required when using the Epygi SIP Server – no Authentication Name is required for a Zycoo SIP Server.

e.       Password: enter the SIP Registration Password previously assigned to the door station in the SIP Server IP Line Settings.

f.        Click on Save.


Configure Outgoing Call Settings:

1.       Click on Phone and then select Outgoing call.

2.       Direct Dial #: enter the extension number in the SIP server for the number to be called from the door station when the call button is pressed. The extension will most likely be assigned to a Ring Group in the SIP server to ring several extensions, including phones and the OmniTouch 7.


Configure the Leviton Door Station Relay:

  1.    Click on System and then select Digital Control.

2.       Door open command: enter a key sequence that will be used to unlock the door when calling from a phone.



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