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Configuring Zycoo U20 SIP Server for OmniTouch7 Integration

To configure the Zycoo U20, take the following steps:

1.       Open a browser, type in the URL of the Zycoo ZX20 and hit Enter.

2.      Enter in the User Name and Password (the default is admin for both), and hit enter. This will display the main menu similar to below:

3.       Click on Network Settings, then Network, and set the following “required” items:

a.       IP Assign – this must be set to Static

b.       IP Address

c.       Subnet Mask

d.       Default Gateway

e.       When complete, click on Save.

4.       Click on Basic, then click on Extensions.

5.       Create extensions for every touchscreen and door station and set the following parameters:

a.       Click on New User to add a touchscreen extension.

b.       Each extension requires a username and password. Any password may be used for each device, but they can all use the same password for simplicity. CRITICAL NOTE: The Name field is nothing more than a label and is not to be confused with a “user name” when configuring the touchscreen in PC Access later.

c.       Check the box for Video Call.

d.       Check the H.264 box to enable video support.

e.       When finished, click on Save.

6.       Create a ring group extension (this extension will be used by the door stations) for all of the touchscreen extensions:

a.       Click on Inbound Control and then Ring Groups.

b.       Click on New Ring Group and then enter a name for the group and add all of the desired extensions to the group. (CRITICAL NOTE: DO NOT add any door station extensions to this group.) When finished click on Save.

7.       Create a paging group extension (this extension will be used to page all touchscreens from one of the touchscreens)) for all of the touchscreen extensions by:

a.       Click on Advanced and then select Paging and Intercom.

b.       Click on Add Paging Group.

c.       Enter in a Paging Extension.

d.       Enter in a Description for the paging group.

e.       Add the extensions you want to be a part of the paging group.

f.        When finished, click on Save.

8.       Once finished with the above, go to System, then Reset & Reboot, and select the Reboot button.

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