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Utilizing the relay on a 2N Helios IP Vario


This application note demonstrates how to setup and configure the built-in relay on a Helios 2N door station for use from an OmniTouch 7 while on a call.  For the purposes of this demonstration, Leviton used the Helios 2N Vario.

This application note covers only the setup and configuration of the relay in the 2N.  Refer to Knowledgebase Article ID 1310 for additional details on configuring a 2N to work with an OmniTouch 7.  Note: In order to use the built-in relay, a license for the 2N must be purchased.


I     In the 2N settings, navigate to Services (purple box) > HTTP API > Services Tab. Ensure that the switch API is enabled, connection type is set to Unsecure, and None is selected for Authentication.


N   Next, navigate to Hardware (gray box) > Swicthes > Switch Tab (it can be any of the 4 swicth tabs). Set the Swicth Mode to Monostable and set its duration to the desired timeframe in seconds. For Controlled Output, set the relay you wish to trigger.


Go to SIP Stations in PC Access and find the station you wish to control. For the Activate Swicth field, select the number that matches the Switch Tab’s number you configured in step 2 (see below).


S    Save the configuration, write the settings to your controller, and reboot all touchscreens.  Try making a call from the door station, answer from one of the touchscreens, and you should see an Activate button on the call screen. Pressing it should trigger the door station’s relay.


Article ID: 1329