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Configuring Helios 2N Door Station for OmniTouch7 Integration

Helios 2N Configuration

1.  Open a browser, enter in the URL for the door station and hit Enter.
2.  Enter in the User Name (default is admin) and Password (default is 2n), and hit Login.

3.  Click on System and then Network.
4.   4.  Set/Enter in the following:

a.      Uncheck DHCP.

b.     Click on/Expand Manual Settings.

c.      Enter in the desired IP Address.

d.     Enter in the Subnet Mask.

e.     Enter in the Default Gateway.

f.       Enter in the Primary (and Secondary, if desired) DNS

g.      Click on Apply.

      5.  Click on Services (purple icon) and then select Phone.
      6.  Enter the following:

a.      Display Name – recommend using the name assigned to the extension created in the SIP server.

b.      Phone Number (ID) – this is the number assigned to the door station in the SIP server.

c.      Domain – enter in the network domain.

d.     Check the box for Registration enabled.

e.      Registrar Address – this is the IP Address for the SIP server

f.       Registrar Port – you can use the default value (5060).

g.      Click on the Video tab and insure that Codec 1 is set to H.264

h.      Click on Apply.


7. While still on the Services tab, go to HTTP API and make the following changes:
            a.   Set the Connection Type for Camera API to "Unsecure (TCP)" and the Authentication to None.
            b.   If the relay on the 2N will be used (must have license to use this feature), set the Switch API to "Unsecure (TCP)" and set the Authentication to None. For additional information on this application, please review Knowledgebas Article ID 1329.

8.  Click on Directory (blue icon) and select Users.
9.  Enter in the following:

a.      User Basic Information>>Name – Enter in the name of the door station set in the SIP server.

b.     User Phone Numbers>>Number 1>>Phone Number – enter in the number for the “Ring Group Extension” created in the SIP server.

c.      Click on Apply.

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