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Omni/Lumina ZigBee Lock Integration, Controller Firmware 3.10
Leviton Omni and Lumina family controllers support two-way integration with ZigBee wireless locks. The controller can lock and unlock the locks and monitor changes in the states of the locks. Locking/unlocking a lock can trigger automation programs in the controller, and the state of the lock can be used as a condition in the automation programming.
The integration has been specifically verified with the Black & Decker Kwikset SmartCode locks and Yale Real Living™ Push Button Deadbolt and Yale Real Living™ Touchscreen Deadbolt locks, but it should work with other locks that support the standard ZigBee Home Automation profile lock cluster.


The Omni or Lumina controller connects to the ZigBee network by using a Model 81A00-3ZB ZigBee Interface Module (ZIM). Set the jumper on the controller serial port to the “485” position. Set the Serial Function for the serial port on the controller to ZigBee.

The ZIM serves as the coordinator for the ZigBee network. Individual ZigBee devices need to be enrolled through the coordinator before they may participate in the ZigBee network. When a device is enrolled in the ZigBee network, it is assigned a unique four digit address by the coordinator. This address is used by the controller to access the device. ZigBee devices may also be disbanded through the coordinator to remove them from the network.

Devices may be enrolled or disbanded by using the ZIM directly or by using PC Access software to command the ZIM. The recommended method is to use PC Access software to ensure that the ZigBee addresses are stored in the PC Access account file.

The ZIM must be running firmware version 14.08 or later. Use the Leviton ZigBee Updater to update the ZIM firmware if necessary. The HAI ZigBee Updater software can be found at

Installation Using  PC Access

First, connect to the Omni or Lumina controller using the PC Access software.

ZigBee locks appear under the Access Control section of PC Access. To set up locks, click on the button in the “Device Type/Address” column for the desired access control device. Set the “Access Control Device Type” to “ZigBee Lock”. If the address is non-zero, a ZigBee lock has already been enrolled.  If this is not the correct device, press the “Disband” button in the dialog box to disband the current device. After any existing lock has been disbanded, press the “Enroll” button in the dialog box. Then place the new ZigBee lock in the enrollment mode by following the manufacturer instructions for the lock. If the enrollment process is successful, the ZigBee address for the lock will be shown.

Note that if PC Access is not connected to the  controller, the “Enroll” and “Disband” buttons will be disabled. ZigBee addresses may be manually entered if the ZigBee network has been previously configured by using the ZIM directly.

To place a Black & Decker Kwikset SmartCode lock into enrollment mode, first remove the cover from the lock assembly. Press the top right button nine times until both the red and white lights blink. Then press the top left button four times until both the red and white lights blink.

Installation Using ZIM

Follow the instructions for the ZIM to manually configure the ZigBee network. Record the ZigBee address for each ZigBee device enrolled at the ZIM, and then enter these addresses manually into PC Access as described above.


ZigBee locks are controllable through the “Access Control” section of Leviton IP-based user interfaces. Locks are not directly controllable through Omni or Lumina consoles or  OmniTouch 3.9/5.7 console bus-connected touchscreens.

Automation programming for locks may be entered through the “Access Control” sections of PC Access software. Changes in the state of a lock can be used to trigger automation programming, and the state of a lock may be used as a condition in automation programming. Commands to lock/unlock the lock may also be entered.


ZigBee locks are supported by Leviton Omni LTe, Omni IIe, OmniPro II, Lumina and Lumina Pro systems. The systems must be utilizing controller firmware 3.10 or later.

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