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Integrating Somfy SDN Motors For Window Coverings Control, Controller Firmware 3.4


Leviton OmniPro II and Lumina Pro controllers support two-way integration with Somfy SDN motors for control of window coverings. Individual motors may be controlled, or groups of motors may be controlled as one. Motors can be set to the full up/down position or any position between these limits. The controller monitors the motors and can respond to changes made locally to the position of the motors.


An ON command will set the motor to the full up position. An OFF command will set the motor to the full down position. A LEVEL command will set the position of the motor to any position from full down (0%) to full up (100%). DIM (lower) and BRIGHTEN (raise) commands will change the position of the motor in 10% steps. A TOGGLE command will set the motor to the full up position if it is currently in the full down position, or set it to the full down position if it is currently not in the full down position.


Each Somfy motor can be a member of up to 16 groups. The Omni controller can operate groups of motors as if they were a single motor. When controller units are configured for Somfy SDN, either a group or motor address may be assigned to the unit. When a group address is assigned to a controller unit, the controller will control all members of that group as one. Unit status for a controller unit assigned a group address will reflect the last command sent from the controller to that group. Changes to the position of individual motors will not be reflected in the status of the group.


The Leviton controller continuously queries the Somfy motors for their current positions. These positions are reflected in the states of controller units assigned individual motor addresses. A change in the position of a motor can trigger an event in the Leviton controller that can be used for automation programming. Events are generated when the motor reaches the full down position (OFF) or moves from the full down position (ON).


Somfy SDN motors are interconnected through the RS-485 Somfy Digital Network. The Somfy Digital Network is described more fully in the “Somfy Digital Network (SDN) Installation and Programming” document available from Somfy.

Set the Serial Function for the serial port on the Leviton controller to Somfy SDN. The controller will automatically set the baud rate for the connection.

Set the House Code Format for the desired units in the Leviton controller to Somfy SDN.

Each Somfy motor is assigned a unique 3-byte address at the time of manufacture. Group addresses are also three bytes long and are assigned by the installer. Using PC Access software, assign a group/motor address to the desired controller unit by entering the address in the “Node ID/Address” field for the unit. Indicate whether the address is a group address or a motor address.


Integration with Somfy SDN motors is supported by Leviton OmniPro II and Lumina Pro systems. The systems must be utilizing controller firmware 3.4 or later. Up to 255 motor/groups are supported.

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